Pricing | Unlock your trading potential with digit23's premium indicator pack today!

These plans offer traders and investors access to a range of advanced indicators, including the N50 BN Contribution by digit23, which tracks the LTP performance of Bank Nifty and Nifty 50 stocks. With flexible pricing options and significant discounts for longer subscription periods, the Premium Indicator Pack is a cost-effective way to enhance trading strategies and stay on top of market trends.

Satisfy your multi screen cravings without breaking the bank - our premium pack are even cheaper than a Masala Dosa!

digit23 Premium Plans
No. of DaysPriceDiscounted
30₹ 1,250₹ 0
90₹ 3,625₹ 500
180₹ 6,933₹ 1,134
365₹ 12,944₹ 2,056

  • No. of Days counted for calendar days only. 
  • Psst, don't tell anyone, but these prices are for our early adopters. Shh... because if the feds raise interest rates, we might have to start selling our indicators for a kidney and a half.

The premium indicator pack is priced affordably, with the cost for a single day being less than ₹ 36 / day.

We may add new indicators in the future to their premium pack which will be included in your subscription. It's always a good idea to stay updated on any new releases or updates by checking the digit23 website or subscribing to their newsletter. As a user of digit23's premium pack, you will be able to access any new indicators they release as part of your subscription.