Pt 8 Using Finding Companies Within a Specific Price Range

Welcome back to our exploration of, the versatile platform for stock analysis. In this segment, we'll guide you on how to use to find companies that fit within a specific price range, a valuable tool for investors seeking stocks within their budget.

The Importance of Price Range

Identifying companies within a specific price range can help investors target stocks that align with their investment capital. Whether you're looking for lower-priced stocks for affordability or higher-priced ones for potential growth, makes it easy to filter and discover stocks that match your price preferences.

Pt 8 Using Finding Companies Within a Specific Price Range

Using to Find Companies Within a Price Range offers a straightforward process to locate companies within your desired price range. Here's how you can do it:

1. Current Price Filter: Begin by creating a query in the Query Builder that filters companies based on their current price. Suppose you want to find stocks trading between Rs 80 and Rs 100:

Current price > 80 AND Current price < 100

This query will narrow down the list to stocks that fall within the specified price range.

2. Additional Filters (Optional): Customize your search further by adding other criteria like market capitalization, industry, or financial performance metrics, depending on your investment preferences.

3. The Stock List Within Your Price Range: After applying the filters, will generate a list of stocks that match your criteria for the specified price range. These stocks are within your budget and may align with your investment objectives.

Why Invest in Stocks Within a Specific Price Range?

Investing in stocks within a specific price range can offer several advantages:

  • Affordability: Lower-priced stocks can be more accessible to small investors with limited capital.
  • Diversification: Targeting stocks within a specific price range allows you to diversify your portfolio across different companies or industries.
  • Growth Potential: Depending on your chosen range, you can target stocks with growth potential or those that provide steady value.
  • Risk Management: Staying within a defined price range can help manage risk by avoiding overvalued or excessively high-priced stocks.

Conducting Comprehensive Analysis

While filtering stocks by price range is a valuable starting point, it's essential to conduct thorough research before making investment decisions. Assess the company's financial health, competitive positioning, and growth prospects to ensure they align with your investment goals.


In this part of our guide, you've learned how to use to find companies within a specific price range—stocks that fit your budget and investment criteria. As you explore these opportunities, remember to conduct comprehensive analysis to make informed investment choices.

Stay tuned for our final installment, Part 9, where we'll explore how to run multiple queries on the Query Builder. This advanced technique can help you fine-tune your stock searches for more precise results.

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